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100% Waterproof Microfiber Quilted Double Bed Size Mattress Protector (78 by 72), Sky Blue

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  • color: Sky Blue, Material: Microfiber
  • It’s a 3 layer product. The top sheet is a super soft microfiber sheet, the middle layer is high-quality fiber, and the Bottom sheet is a laminated nonwoven sheet which gives 100% protection against liquid.
  • RD TREND Mattress Protector is easily washable. It can be washed in both ways machine wash or hand wash in cold water by using mild detergent.
  • Protects your mattress against Dust Mites, Bacteria, Perspiration, Urine, And Fluids
  • The topper sheet will help protect your mattress from stains. This top-quality fabric protector repels liquids and blocks stains without compromising on the feel. Also, the spilled fluid can be easily wiped, so the water does not seep through and reach your mattress. The topper is foldable and portable and has a fitted skirt that makes it easy to put on and remove for cleaning.


RD TREND 100% Waterproof Microfiber Quilted Double Bed Size Mattress Protector (78 by 72), Sky Blue

RD Trend Mattress protector is a 3 Layer Bed Cover to protect your mattress from liquids, dust, and allergies. It’s a 3-layer product, Top sheet is a super soft microfiber sheet, the middle layer is a heavy reliance fiber sheet to absorb liquid, and the Bottom sheet is a laminated non-woven sheet to make it waterproof. It waters a resistant product and no plastic and no Rubber is used in this product still it is 100% waterproof. This works well with Kids. Product Size:78 by 72

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Weight 1.320 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm

81 reviews for 100% Waterproof Microfiber Quilted Double Bed Size Mattress Protector (78 by 72), Sky Blue

  1. Tanvi Jain

    Highly recommended for people with toddlers. Very useful, easy to clean, water resistant. Saves a lot of beach’s when there are little kids in house who regularly pee on bed ??

    Tanvi Jain
  2. NxJAM

    This is a must buy for all beds. Works well, if your order the right size for your bed, it fit exactly. Easy to put on and take off by one person. Has elastic on the sides so it does not move. The bedsheet on top does not slide either.


    Definitely a good product..first i ordered incorrect size but quickly got the correct one and fits perfect and the quality is great…i have used for 8+ months…and haven’t seen any issues. i dunno about the water resistant and i dropped few drops of tea by accident and it got obsorbed!!

  4. Rishitha

    when the bed covered with this cloth and upon bedsheet .The bed sheet won’t come out of the bed . it is properly fit and look good with this cloth and the bedsheet.

  5. Prithvi raj

    it is properly fit and look good with this cloth and the bedsheet.

    Prithvi raj
  6. Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh

    I hesitated to buy for the fit and quality and proved me wrong. Lovely comfort and easily fits king size beds and stretchable and saves bed from statins and liquid.

    Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh
  7. Noor

    I had bought one three years ago for mother who is bedridden. Still the thing is working. So, ordered another one. It’s cotton on one side and some kind of plastic material on other side which is very comfortable for patient. Five out of five.

  8. krishnaveni

    It serves the purpose very well and stop any liquid from passing into the mattress. a nice product.

  9. Ganesh Narayanan

    I received the same product. It is too good to protect our matress from the kids. I have 2 naughty kids in my house. Thank you Rdtrend for this wonderful product…..

    Ganesh Narayanan
  10. Biplab

    I was awestruck by its quality and performance. Very much water resistant and more importantly, protects from bed bugs too. Doesnt add any additional heat to the body. Worth every rupee..

  11. Nikita

    I like it very much not only for baby but for adults also you should use at home it safe you mattress from sudden mishaps as it is water resistant, easy to use having elastic at each side of the bed sheet I am having two different sizes

  12. Soumya

    I love it.. fits perfectly and comfortable.. not plasticky at all.. only once after a very heavy pee session by my baby, it percolated through.

  13. Manish

    Reviewing after 16 days uses, I am happy with this product, this is comfortable and easy to clean in machine. Protect the mattress with dust and this is also water resistant.

  14. Chandrika ArumugaPandi

    it does its baby peed on it..was worried it goes to bed..but my bed is super dry..

    Chandrika ArumugaPandi
  15. Shahabz

    A got a mattress protector one size bigger than the mattress. Worked well. Easy fit, no mismatch. Looks good. Hope it does its job if there is spillage.

  16. RRN

    I have rated the xact way I feel for thes cover . colour is very good as it shown on the image .this product is also very in use .

  17. Pradeep K.

    Nicely fitted at mattress….not sure about water proofing but price n looks impressed us a lot!

    Pradeep K.

    Must have for all households. It keeps the bed soft and also stain free. Easy to cover the bed

  19. Divya

    perfect size..n quality wise good..there is a waterproof layer in inner side..I bought it for my “coco”shihtzu puppy

  20. Urvashi Balodhi

    Very soft quality.. Size is also good for double king size bed, same as shown in picture… Reasonable..

    Urvashi Balodhi
  21. Harsh G

    What more can be expected out of this mattress protector :). It serves the purpose.

    Harsh G
  22. Agnes Bharathiraja

    Well Packed and deliver within the expected and committed time. Good comfort.

    Agnes Bharathiraja
  23. Preeti

    Really good . Quality of the product is as good as required. Size specifications are important. Fits well as I ordered queen size for a single mattress and queen size double mattress??

  24. Monti

    If you need a waterproof bedsheet cover this is perfect, no water goes through to the mattress and the dimensions are perfect too

  25. Rejeesh R Nair

    Its an awsome product. Size is exact as they said and easy to install. Main advantage is its water resistant. And doesnt make body heated up as dimilar water repellent bed covers do. Value for money..

    Rejeesh R Nair
  26. Puspaja Pradhan

    Water resistant, takes time to dry . Very comfortable as the bedsheet spread over it remains in position helpful for moms with small kids. size which fits perfectly to my mattress.

    Puspaja Pradhan
  27. Anubhuti

    It is a wonderful product..does it job well.. Bedsheet does not slip over has solved all its problems.I would give it more than 5 stars.

  28. Md Irfan Mullick

    One of my best buys from rdtrend. The cover fabric is very good and sturdy. Elastic is also good and it fits well with my bed. Cover color is also very pretty and can be used as bedsheet in some emergency situations.

    Md Irfan Mullick
  29. deepak

    This is very necessary to protect your expensive mattress , specially if you have small kids, Perfect fit n finish, not at all hampers your sleep comfort.

  30. Shweta

    Very good quality, texture and colour. I have bought 3 sets of these. Quite satisfied with the protector.

  31. B.Murthy

    the product snugly fits in the mattress and protect it. Useful and value for money

  32. Jenny

    So pretty fabric the comfort it fitted on mattress perfectly I just loved the comfort and it’s 100 percent water resistant I tried it .. thank you for the quality and comfort…

  33. sukhi

    Perfect fit for my mattress

  34. Syed Nadeem Hussain

    Awesomeness Overloaded. Best mattress cover with excellent quality. Exactly the same as shown in the pic. No doubt just go for it. Cheap and the best one !

    Syed Nadeem Hussain
  35. Vikrant Manohar

    Easy to fit, easy to clean, looks great, end to end and corner to corner fitting. Soft on skin, economically priced by rdtrend. Writing this review after using it for more than 40 days.

    Vikrant Manohar
  36. Prashant

    Its exactly as advertised. Water resistance is good. It changes the comfort level of the mattress very little. Size range is good. Price is also competitive. Full rating.

  37. Sweety

    While it fits on to my mattress very well but I could see some folds and wrinkles on it .. while we put the bed sheet on it the folds are visible .. otherwise Iam happy with the purchase


    This is not just a sheet. It’s a miracle. It saves you from embarrassment if ur kid has a Bedwetting?? problem. It protects the cot from get wet and bad odour.


    Good water resistance it protects ur mattress. A must have with baby at home, also very comfortable.

  40. kawser ali khan

    Quality is good but pric too high according to product. Its not a metress, just a like a bed sheet,

    kawser ali khan

    Good water resistance it protects ur mattress.A must have with baby at home, also very comfortable.

  42. Anuradha kumari

    I like bz my baby feel good without diper when she sleeps in the bed which is protected by this product

    Anuradha kumari
  43. Vinita Pradeep

    This is the best product so far… Fits the mattress perfectly… Covers all 4 borders also which was not possible with elastic strap mattresses

    Vinita Pradeep
  44. Gourav Kumar Sharma

    A must buy product if you have kids at home. It protects the mattress from all kind of things that kids do.

    Gourav Kumar Sharma
  45. S B

    Well made, fits well, really useful keeps mattress clean.

    S B
  46. Shaik Ansari

    Its awesome…I chked by throwing water on absorb all but nothing in my mattress…thank you rdtrend for this lovely product…

    Shaik Ansari
  47. Tanusree Banerjee

    Comfort. Water resistant. looking beautiful and durable . we can trust rdtrend brand

    Tanusree Banerjee
  48. Mohit Lotlikar

    Decent product, worth to its price.

    Mohit Lotlikar
  49. Shilpy

    The product is awesome. It makes it easy to protect your mattresses from kids. This waterproof cover is very comfortable as it doesn’t make any sound and fits very well. Moreover, it gives a snug fit to bedsheets also. Go for it without giving a thought.

  50. Sudip Potdar

    Awesome product from RD Trend, fits standard king size bed and keeps the mattress dry. It’s very comfortable to sleep on as well

    Sudip Potdar

    Very nice fitting for the mattress.

  52. Raman Jindal

    Colour is as same as the shown picture.It is waterproof and easy to wash.but dryvit in shades. Go for it.

    Raman Jindal
  53. Maggi

    Nice one.I tested the product whether it is a waterproof or not, but it worked well.

  54. Sainath Telugu

    I have bought this product after seeing many reviews and it proves whatever mentioned in the product description. Blindly go for it.

    Sainath Telugu
  55. Garima

    The material is very good, it doesn’t feel like you are sitting on a rubber sheet. It fits well on the mattress and the corners are also well fitted.

  56. Snigdha Dash

    I strongly recommend this mattress as my back pain is almost gone after using this. I am writing this after using this for one month. Very much comfortable. Easy to use. You just have to rotate this mattress in each alternate month. My family is very happy with this product. Soon I am going to order one more. Worth each penny. Just go for it.

    Snigdha Dash
  57. Neha

    It’s perfect white. The cloth on the top is like thin towel and inside is water proof cloth. It is easy to cover and uncover the mattress with it. Easy to wash. However, due to its white color it would inevitably become dirty after sometime. Plus water proof efficiency is about 90 percent. The stain still transfers but only a little

  58. Sakthi Ashok

    Have checked it by pouring water like how our baby pee, after 20 mins also the water remained in the top protector, bed was not wet!! The top Terry is cotton so our mattress is not warm like before.. unexpected benefit Fits bed well !!

    Sakthi Ashok
  59. Sandeepa

    This bed cover has protected the bed from all his urination during sleep. We washed it every time my son urinates in the bed. The water proof protection is awesome even after so many washes. Still using it. Worth every penny spent on it.

  60. Rudresh SM

    Very nice product. Customer service center responds very nicely. This is my first experience in Rdtrend purchase, company people called and gave advice on how to wash and dry. Very nice service. Thank you

    Rudresh SM
  61. Partha G.

    Have used this particular kind of bedsheets for the first time and i am pleased with the experience. Great water resistance thereby protecting the mattress, easy to wash and gets less messy than a convetional bed sheet.

    Partha G.
  62. Roshan Castelino

    The mattress is having a velvet clothing which is smooth and is water proof on the top. It’s better way to protect mattress underneath from underneath. it is an exact fit. I liked the colour.

    Roshan Castelino
  63. Rajeshree Shankar Moily

    I dont know if its leak proof or not or if its water resistant or not but it was not hard to clean it on first wash and it looks like it will do its job properly. I am giving five star ratings for the fast delivery and good product.

    Rajeshree Shankar Moily
  64. Hari

    Extremely useful in an elderly care. Perfect fit for the ordered size. Purchased a second time without hesitation after a skeptical first purchase about six months back. Worth every rupee spent.

  65. Rakesh Agarwal

    Awesome quality product

    Rakesh Agarwal
  66. Reena

    This waterproof mattress sheet is a saviour as my kids keep spilling water and milk. Its also helps the bedsheets to stay in place with all the pulling and jumping. Super easy to wash and maintain it. ??


    Really i got surprised after using this waterproof terry cotton bedsheet. Really very happy n i have purchased one more with in 10 days period. Washed in washing machine also. Really great product n can buy without any hesitation. Thanks to RD TREND

  68. Sneha Verma

    Amazing product… One of the bust buy for me from Rd Trend … Does the job verywell. Water resistant . No stains left on mattress or the protector itself. Easy to wash and dry that too in washing machine. Hassel free product. It’s almost an year since I bought this. Still it’s same. Fitting is also good and easy to tuck over mattress. Must by product…

    Sneha Verma
  69. Ashutosh S.

    I was not sure the product will help me to protect my matrices. Once my kid opened a full bottle water bottle on the bed and was playing with water logged on the bed. I was afraid that my matrices might be gone. But as soon as I removed the cover I was surprised to see that there were not a single drop of water on it.

    Ashutosh S.
  70. Ramesh Patnaik

    Have been using it for more than 6 months….a great buy….my niece keeps dropping alot of things on the bed but my this does a great job in protecting my mattress….fits well on the mattress….it’s breathable so u don’t feel hot while u sleep on it….

    Ramesh Patnaik
  71. TRoy

    I have ordered two mattress protectors within a month . It is simply amazing . Perfect fit and finish for the mattress .Value for money. It is water resistnt and spillage proof. Congrs to Rd Trend . Already recommended friends and relatives .

  72. pk

    best waterproof bed protector. it fits perfectly to my bed. corners fit exactly. upper surface is little rough so i use a bedspread over it otherwise a good one. i ordered it 6 month before i liked it.

  73. Anish Chirakkal

    Will do the job as described and most importantly do the job of Mattress cover also. Water Proofed Mattress cover easy to use and secure Washing. The only issue is to dry it out of sunlight.

    Anish Chirakkal
  74. Chaitanya PVM

    Amazing product.. value for money. We have been using it for the last 1 month. So far so good (we haven’t had any spills on the product yet, but I assume it will perform well under those conditions).

    Chaitanya PVM
  75. RanjanA

    It’s water proof tats true but is not tat easy to clean and to dry … Tats fine it don’t allow water to enter in our mattresses but it itself get wet and take time to get dry … If it’s a sunny days tats ur good luck other wise … I suggest buy too specially for those who have kids at home like me ??

  76. Vikash

    The mattress cover is very nice bought 2 of them one for my queen size bed and one for my king size bed. Although it has been a month only but the product was delivered quickly and looked nice hope it’s long lasting. Would recommend it to others.

  77. Deeksha Singh

    It’s nice product, does what it says. Only problem is that it doesn’t soaks the water, it remains there on top only. I would have liked something that soaks also and doesn’t allow water to wet the mattress. It’s a water resistant for sure.

    Deeksha Singh
  78. Sagar Mehta

    The Product is very good. Serves the purpose. Reasonable price as well. I would definately recommend this product. Only one thing .. the cloth at the sides could have been a lil larger so it could fit the matress well. Currently it keeps coming out with a lil pull.

    Sagar Mehta
  79. Pashupati Nath Verma

    Although look wise it doesn’t seems ok but it’s a great savior if you have kids at your home. it wortks well.

    Pashupati Nath Verma
  80. Rosh

    I liked the product very much. One tip is to measure your mattress before purchasing. I lobbed the texture of the cover. I also washed the product and it was fine.

  81. Archana jha

    The only thing is that the bedsheet slips slightly on it, but not a big issue. The product quality and rest everything is great.

    Archana jha
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