Himachal Pradesh is often called as Himachal, located in the heart of the western Himalaya , called as “Dev Bhumi” believing that   देवी-देवताओं का निवास है। .The entire place has temples of stone and wood. Agriculture is the main occupation of people. Their agriculture plays a significant role in the state’s economy.

Nature blessed this state with a wide range of climatic conditions, which, consequently, helped to plant varieties of fruit. The best fruit in Himachal Pradesh is the apple. They grow pears, plums, apricots, and citrus fruits such as guava, litchi, and strawberries.
Himachal is renowned for designing shawls, especially in Kullu. The architecture, shops, museums, and craftsmen charm with their refined variety over time.

People in this state are like their famous fruit. Do you guess? Umm, what do you say? Apple, Ryt! They are so sweet, hearty, and respectful. Like we celebrated Dussehra, they celebrated Kullu Dussehra in the month of October, which spans up to 7 days.

People from various cities and states come to Himachal Pradesh during the holidays just to enjoy the ambiance, rolling region, market, and specialty. People come there and click photos of the people dressed up like Himachali. Men wear kurta pyjamas and caps, while women wear churidar salwar with kameez and dhatu. Their caps represent their cultural identity. They considered it pride, in the same way that Sikhs considered their turban to be Jatt Di Shaan and Izzat. People of Himachal Pradesh love to decorate their homes with new style home decor items.

Nati is their famous popular dance, just as Haryana’s famous dance is Phag and Punjab’s famous dance is Bhangra.

Home Furnishing Products In Himachal Pradesh

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The Rd Trend curtains are made in different styles, from classic to trendy to sober, with high-quality material, keeping in mind the privacy needed in each person’s life. Our curtains will surely improve your home’s decor and also protect it from dust, dirt, and mainly harmful UV radiation. Tonnes of sizes are available with classy prints, and the bright spot is for those who have built them into a different style and need customised curtains. We supply custom curtains with designs according to your needs.
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Our bed sheet gives you a classy look from side to side, and the quality is so superior that the quality of sleep gets better with the first use.

The most popular category of the RD trend in bedsheets

Winter Flannel Bedsheets 

During the winters, the temperature in Himachal goes very low. They have a lot of difficulty getting warm. Rd Trend manufactures the best-quality home furnishing products in Himchal Pradesh, of which winter flannel bed sheets are the most famous and most popular. One can shop for single, double, flat, fitted, and other styles in different designs and patterns. These winter bed sheets help to warm your bed mattress in cold winters and give you a pleasant and healthy sleep. This makes you feel so warm and relaxed that you don’t want to get out of bed. Our warm bed sheets are made from high-quality material and are easy to wash. One can easily wash them by machine as well as by hand.

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Glace Cotton Single Flat Bed Sheet With 1 Pillow Cover (Yellow)Glace Cotton Bed Sheets 

RD Trend Glace cotton bed sheets in Himachal are made from the finest quality cotton, making them incredibly soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. The cotton used in making these bed sheets is of high quality and is sourced from the best cotton farms in the country. To ensure that bed sheets are not only soft and comfortable but also long-lasting and relaxing to touch.

Whether you are searching for bright colours or sober ones, classic patterns or modern ones, we provide and make every product just to keep in mind the choices of every generation. You don’t have to waste your time searching for these at different sites. You can find everything in just one place, i.e., RD Trend store, without getting stressed about the fade-ness of the colours. The colours will get brighter after every wash.

The glace cotton bed sheets are available in different sizes. One can find them as per their requirements and also get a customised size, which gives their bedroom an aesthetic look.

RD Trend sells home furnishing products like mats, carpets, mattresses, cushion covers, etc. to make your home look beautiful, and our aim is that every customer gets high-quality materials at a budget-friendly price, making their home look elegant and generating positive vibes. We provide the best customer service so that our customers can happily connect with us for a long time and benefit from these amazing products.

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