What Is An Elastic Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is a fabric sheet with elasticized corners made to fit tightly over a mattress. It has elastic bands along the corners of the fabric to cover the mattress tightly and keep it in place. With an elastic-fitted bedsheet, you can protect your mattress from grime, dirt, and spills. The mattress is designed to fit snugly in the right places and the function of an elastic-fitted bed sheet is to protect the mattress while providing you with a smooth, soft surface to lie on. To ensure that you have a comfortable experience laying on your elastic-fitted bedsheet mattress, it is important to have the correct mattress dimensions and deep pockets so that the elastic-fitted bedsheet will stay in place.

Cotton Fitted BedsheetsWhy Choose Elastic Fitted Double Bedsheets From RD Trend

The feel and performance of the bed you choose can have a big impact on your comfort and quality of sleep. Important factors to consider when buying new elastic-fitted bedsheets and pillowcases include fabric, weave, ease of care, and cost. It is also important that the size of the bedsheet set and the depth of the pocket of the fitted bedsheet fit your mattress.

RD Trend tests elastic bedsheets on the same mattress to make sure our ratings are as consistent as possible. Our team of sleep experts evaluated each elastic-fitted bedsheet set based on performance areas like build quality, longevity, and temperature regulation. RD Trend manufactures only the best quality 100% cotton elastic bedsheets for the double bed.

Buy King Size Elastic Fitted cotton Bedsheets Online In India

If you tend to overheat or sweat while you sleep, we highly recommend our Double Bed Elastic Fitted cotton Bedsheet Set. The high-quality and exceptionally breathable cotton fabric also wicks moisture away from the body. If you consider yourself a “hot sleeper” or if you live in an exceptionally hot or humid location, the natural cooling properties of our elastic fitted bed sheet set make it suitable. If you prioritize eco-friendly products, then our 100% Cotton King-Size Elastic Fitted Bed Sheet will appeal to you.

BedsheetSome Easy Step To Wash Elastic Fitted Bedsheets

Taking care of elastic-fitted bedsheets is important because you expect them to last for years. Also, bedsheets tend to accumulate dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin cells, and mites in a week’s time.

To help you wash an elastic-fitted bedsheet, we’ve created this handy guide.

  1. When using a washing machine, choose a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.
  2. Unfold elastic fitted bedsheets instead of rolled elastic fitted bedsheets for an easy, wrinkle-free wash experience.
  3. Wash elastic fitted bedsheets separately to prevent pilling and wrinkling
  4. Add detergent to water instead of pouring water directly onto your elastic-fitted bedsheet/bed linen
  5. Keep colors bright by avoiding bleach to prevent color fading.
  6. For softness and durability use warm water using a mild detergent.
  7. To get rid of dust mites/bacteria, wash in warm water (60°C/140°F). If you want extra soft elastic fitted bedsheets, you can add softener to the rinse cycle.
  8. Remove the bedsheet from the washer and dryer quickly to minimize wrinkling.
  9. We recommend line drying to avoid wrinkles
  10. Take some dampness out of the dryer and then spread them on the bed, pressing them by hand to reduce wrinkles.
  11. Steam iron your pillow covers and elastic bedsheets for a brand-new feel
  12. Wash your elastic fitted bedsheets once a week for smooth bedsheets and a peaceful sleeping experience

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