Andhra Pradesh is widely recognized as the Rice Bowl of India and is the southeastern state. A number of tourists visit Andhra Pradesh all around The year to capture scenery and nature bombs. Andhra Pradesh is rich in agriculture and therefore is popularly referred to as Andhra Rashtra. The climate in Andhra Pradesh is typically cold and depends on season to season. Andhra Pradesh has a beautiful culture that features a number of art forms including Bidri, Kalamkari, and Nirmal paintings. The craftspeople in Andhra Pradesh create gorgeous pieces of brass stone and wooden carvings. Carnatic is the famous music in Andhra Pradesh which is enriched with the heritage of the state. Not to mention that the folk music in Andhra Pradesh is very popular among people. Andhra Pradesh is home to impeccable tradition forms dance forms and royal culture. The most famous form of classical dance in Andhra Pradesh is Kuchipudi. Telugu women performed this dance form along with various other forms like Bhagotam, Dappu, Bhimsa, butta, Gullu, and Kolattam. The best dance forms and cultural people in Andhra Pradesh live their traditions at their best.

Do you know why most people refer to Andhra Pradesh as the rice bowl of India? Food in Andhra Pradesh is served with sambar along with different varieties of vegetables and pulses. The food in Andhra Pradesh is very delicious. Chefs in Andhra Pradesh serve food with pickles, chutney, and powders that make it extra yummy. The mouth-watering dishes in Andhra Pradesh are worth trying at least once in your lifetime. A number of dishes like Andhra Biryani, Pappu Charu, Avakya, Pulusu & Arisa are very famous dishes of Andhra Pradesh.

Needless to mention that the handicraft items in Andhra Pradesh are next level. From intricate sculptures to royal monuments like Charminar and paintings Andhra Pradesh serves the best art. A number of monuments in Andhra Pradesh have intricate detailing on them. People in Andhra Pradesh are always ready to decorate their houses with the best home furnishing products in Andhra Pradesh. The batik print is one of the most popular friends in Andhra Pradesh. Some other forms of handicrafts in Andhra Pradesh include Nirmal paintings and bidri work.

Home Furnishing Products in Andhra Pradesh

RD Trend is home to a number of home furnishing products in Andhra Pradesh including cushion covers, curtains, mats, elastic bed sheets comforters, bed sheets, and many other products. We are one of the top popular brands that provide the highest quality home furnishing products in Andhra Pradesh at prices that won’t burn your pocket. Bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, mats, towels, comforter sets, and a lot more home décor items are available on RD Trend. Below we have listed our collection in detail.


Curtains offer a beautiful look to your house. We have a whole new range of curtains available in Andhra Pradesh. The best curtains and home formation products in Andhra Pradesh feature style and comfort. At RD Trend we sell many types of curtains including polyester curtains, cotton curtains, linen curtains, silk curtains, Black out curtains, fennel curtains, and more.
We have several designs in curtains along with different colors ranging from neutrals to vibrant bold and classic ones. The best home furnishing products in Andhra Pradesh include curtains that complement your residence really well. Our curtains are durable and promise longevity because of the high-quality material used in manufacturing. You can now select your favorite curtains for your house for a minimalist look all to add a pop of colour to your room.
The wide variety of options in curtains available at RD Trend suits all your requirements.

Bed sheet

After curtains the next best thing that you need for your house to look luxurious is bedsheets. The bed sheets available at RD Trend are made with high-quality material and are very comfortable and cozy. Most of the bed sheets are best suited for all types of décor and patterns. RD trend bed sheets in Andhra Pradesh are very durable and last for a good period of time. We have a wide range of variety in bed sheets like cotton bed sheets elastic fitted bed sheets printed bed sheets minimal bed sheets plain bed sheets and graphic print bed sheets. The colors are extremely easy on the eyes and look gratifying. If you want to add a hint of royalness and luxury to your house then check out our collection of bed sheets at RD Trend.
RD Trend elastic fitted bed sheets are very popular these days. Elastic fitted bed sheets take less time to handle and are multipurpose and all-rounder. These bed sheets are usually used by people who always run late for their household chores I need a quick fix for their bedroom. The elastic-fitted bed sheets at RD Trend are manufactured in a way to provides you with absolute comfort and luxury.

buy-washable-designer-printed-anti-skid-mat-thin-dari-collection-waves-design-100-pure-cotton-elegant-mat-for-living-room-hall-drawing-room-size-3-feet-by-5-feetMats and carpets

If you are looking to enhance the look of your house with small little things then check out our collection of carpets and mats. We at RD Trend are the biggest manufacturer of high-quality carpets and mats that are slip resistant and perfect for your residence. The high-quality rugs enhance the elegance of your house and add a touch of minimalism. You have a wide collection of carpets and mats at RD Trend. Starting from entrance mats, bathroom mats, artificial grass rugs, and many more are available in the store. All these mats and carpets are designed in a way that keeps your floor easy to clean and water resistant.

Cushion Covers

Are you planning to get a new sofa set along with questions for your drawing room? We have got you covered for the best cushion covers in Andhra Pradesh at RD Trend. Compiling a diverse variety of cushion covers the aim is to provide you with designs of cushion covers that oozes a positive energy in your house. The question covers available at RD Trend go well with the decor and ambiance of your house and make it look crisp and new.

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