Jammu and Kashmir are the famed crown of India with the lavish beauty of Himalayas. It is popularly called the “Paradise on Earth” (स्वर्ग). It is a favorite place in the hearts of people because of its snow-capped mountains, large wildlife, friendly people and local people’s handicrafts. It is a must visit place, not because the nature here is on next level beauty, but also for the adventurous rides like river rafting, paragliding and camping. The forests of Jammu and Kashmir represent typical subtropical vegetation. Agriculture is the main source of survival of more than 80% of the people in this. The main food crops are wheat and maize.

The majority of people go there for trekking and hiking. The view during hiking and trekking is awesome. The view has beautiful mountains, peaks, glaciers, blue lakes, rivers and tall pine trees.
People who go to “Vaishno Devi” surely visit Jammu & Kashmir to buy famous clothes and foodstuffs from there. Pheran is the dress to be worn by the Kashmir residents in summer . It is made of cotton, but in winter it is made of wool fabric to protect against the cold during the snow. Pashmina is the word all the family members know about Pashmina shawls and blankets are very good and most people buy it. Wazwan i.e. The main course is well-known cuisine famous all over the globe. Kashmir shawls, golden Apple and Jammu Almonds and walnuts from the Lal Chowk Market are must buy things. These are transported in different parts of the nation. Besides this, RD Trends home furnishing products are also famous in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rd Trends Most Liked Home Furnishing Products in Jammu and Kashmir

Check what kind of Home Furnishing products of”RD Trend” loved by most of the people in Jammu and Kashmir?


RD Trend Bedsheets are the most sweet home furnishing products in Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone knows the surrounding view of the Kashmir, when the outer look is so beautiful also why not to enhance the inner beauty of the house. People of Jammu Kashmir use our bed sheets to make their room majestic. One can buy bedsheets online in different patterns and fabrics from our website RD Trend. Our bed sheets aren’t only durable but, comfy and make your sleep quality better. The fabrics are so pure and good that you get in love while sitting or laying down on the bed sheet. You can order the patterns as per your choice and make your day happy and positive. As you go outside, you see redundant pleasant view and inner view can make by using our home furnishing products.

How many type of Bedsheets we provide?

  • Cotton Bedsheets
  • Glace Cotton Bedsheets
  • Elastic Fitted Bedsheets
  • Winter Bedsheets
  • Diwan Set


In Jammu Kashmir, where the outer view is so refreshing , people love to decorate their homes from the inside too. The outside view is taken care by nature. For the inner view, they use RD Trend best quality bed sheets of wonderful patterns. To match the vibe, they use the curtains to make the room look more aesthetic. Every house has different sizes windows, doors, so RD Trend provides customizing options also, so that it is easy for everyone to make your room look good. Sitting on the bed, half of the curtains are on side , the outer view is seeing and eating Maggie.. Just imagine the kind of feeling they are getting.

You also want to enjoy that vibe and feel?? I know you want.. So , go and place an order on our website www.rdtrend.in and enjoy that feel.

Sizing options are:

  • 5 Feet Window curtains
  • 7 Feet Door curtains
  • 9 Feet set of 4 curtains
  • Customized Option


As we said RD Trend is a manufacturer of Home furnishing products in Jammu and Kashmir and sell the products of best quality materials. Towel is one of the famous Rd Trend products which are getting most love from Jammu and Kashmir. The towel quality is so nice and they are so soft that you just like while using.

Why Buy Home Furnishing Products From RD Trends?

One needs a valid reason to buy the home furnishing products in Jammu And Kashmir from the particular website. Like, if we like some product from the website , what we think first is:

  • What if the quality I want is not what I get?
  • What will I do then?
  • Do they give me a refund?
  • Do they even listen to me?
  • Who gives me the surety that the product I buy has the same prints I see in the pictures shown on the website?
  • Do they provide good customer service?

Don’t worry! Don’t Worry!

I have answers to all the questions.

RD Trend The basic point is RD Trend is 100% sure that whatever the product they manufacture, they never compromise on quality. The quality you get from there is unreachable. So , there is no need to worry about the quality. We make superior quality so that customers can connect with us for a long time and enjoy our services.

But Yaah..

Who gives me the surety that the product I buy has the same prints I see in the pictures shown on the website?

RD Trend is available to their customers 24*7 . You can ask for the live images of the product you are going to buy so that it is easy for you to get the exact image for the print.. We show what we give to you.

How is the customer service?

Reach out to us anytime you want!”. RD Trend is available for you 24*7 . You can contact us through call or whats-app (+918708553885) . You can even mail us at support@rdtrend.in . We always try to revert back as soon as the person asks for help.

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