The capital city of Karnataka is Bangalore( called as Bengaluru). Karnataka has seen astonishing growth in the fields of education, tourism and industry which automatically increase its economy level. Bengaluru is referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia because of its growing computer industry. It is known as the IT core (Information Technology) of the India, most of the engineers get their IT job in Bangalore. As we know, the IT industry is growing rapidly, even foreign countries are signing contracts with Indian IT companies.

Karnataka has vibrant weather. People experience drought,  semi-drought and moist tropics.  The major oil seed crops are sunflower, safflower, ground nut. All types of oil are carried in various parts of India.

Similarly like this, RD Trend is the biggest manufacturer of the Home furnishing products. We deliver the best quality unique pattern products in India. Karnataka supply sunflower oil,we donot supply sunflower oil but we are spreading  happiness like the fragrance of sunflower by delivering the best quality products.

This state is the house of  the languages. There are approximately 13 different languages like Kannada, Kodava , Tulu etc which people speak. This means education will be good because children learn all these languages and speak with each other.

Shop Different Types Of Home Furnishing Products In Karnataka

RD Trend is an online store of home furnishing products in Karnataka, here one can buy all different types of home décor products such as bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers, mats, carpets, towels. comforters, mattress protector, etc. We have mentioned below our some most selling home furnshing products in Karnataka.

High Quality Home Furnishing Products In Karnataka

As in rain, people is unable to go outside and they miss the enjoy, so at that time of monsoon one can enjoy and feel happy by sitting in the house if there room have classy view. They can use home furnishing products to make the room beautiful. Spreading classy print bed sheet on the mattress , use superior cushion covers, high quality curtains and make the view peaceful and if we can’t go , what we can do is Make fritters (   पकौड़े ) , Tea or BONDA  famous dish of karnataka eat during the rainy season and enjoy it either sitting on the bed having classy print bedsheet with high quality soft material and see the movie or spend time with family even side the curtains and enjoy the outer view.

Winter Soft Warm Single Flat Bedsheet With 1 Pillow Cover (Coffee)Bedsheets 

RD Trend are the most lovable home furnishing products in Karnataka. Everyone know the state has vibrant weather.

During drought they need comfortable and soft material to wear and spread like cotton clothes and  bedsheet so as to feel cool and relax,  as in drought they suffer from water and love those material which are light weight and takes less water to wash. RD Trend besheets are not only durable but long-lasting also. Our bedsheets take a very special place in your heart not only because of patterns but also of the superior quality and  customer’s service. Red Trend’s elastic bed sheet very is famous in Karnataka and is mostly preferred by the people of Karnataka. Not only this, people of Karnataka like to decorate their bedroom with colorful elastic bedsheets of “RD Trend” on big festivals. If you use this makes your mind relax and reduce stress. Easy to wash is a great advantage in drought time.


As mentioned above, RD Trend is the largest manufacturer in Karnataka. Towel is from the famed RD Trend products that get the most love and sales from Karnataka.  Suppose it’s raining outside and someone is getting wet they use our towel because our towel is so soft and made of high-grade materials that make us feel fresh and make love to it. Even people use this after bathing or to cleanse the face because we offer towel in various sizes according to the requirements of the person. Certain towels become hard after washing, but after washing, our towel becomes softer.


Karnataka maintains its traditions very well. Generally people of every state celebrate the festivals in a whole year. But in Karnataka specially they decorate their homes in a full traditional way. We know to decorate the house the things that comes in our mind is beautiful bedsheet, curtains, candles, cushions. We Indians specially put the best aesthetic cushion covers and decorate that cushions in bedroom, sofas, chairs etc.  The cushions not only use in decorating the house but also help in getting relief from back pain, headache etc. Children  can play cushion fight, passing the pillow and enjoy their fun time.  RD Trend provide the best cushion and covers in different sizes but the quality of the all the sizes are premium and the look and feel is so satisfying and blooming that adds shine in your house. To avail that shine and feel order cushions from RD Trend and gets the best customer service and no worry about the shipping charges, we provide free delivery of the products at your home.

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