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Have you ever slipped on a wet bathroom floor? Or ever came with dirty shoes or slipper and scolded by your mom? All these things have not a good experience right? It may be because we are using a product just by seeing the designs and styles not by quality. It may be happen that you are not using slip-resistant mat or carpet. Oftentimes we don’t keep in mind the quality and accurate size of the mat and carpet, that in result creates a big problem. Some even don’t know the difference between these. Some people are confused in mats and rugs. Let RD Trend clear you all. Mats are manufactured to clean the soles of shoes of wayfarer and increase the fiction on the floor. Mats may be commercial and entry mats, etc where as Rug usually refers to a piece of fabric with finite edges, usually used as a decorative accent. While there can be some overlap of size, rugs are generally larger than mats. Rug are generally not designed or constructed to trap water or dirt, though they can increase fiction. Rugs can be changed easily.

Bathroom Mats

Bathroom mats add a touch of elegance and beauty to the interiors. Additionally they also help in protecting us from getting slipped and hurt. As bathroom mats absorb water and keeping the floor dry and clean. Main thing is that these mats protects the surface from water damage which destroy the floor and takes high amount to repair. The mats are available in different sizes, shapes , colors and designs. Keep one thing in mind that slip and fall in bathroom can be dangerous specially for children and old age people. Look for a mat with grip surface that provide traction for your feet.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats add to the beauty of a home, building and keep dirt and water from getting in. Some concentrate on design, others on functionality. Yet you can buy entrance mats and carpets which provide both. The entrance carpet will be your first defence against dirt and moisture coming into your home or building. Choose a slip-resistant mat that retains humidity. In addition, a long entrance mat will grab most of the dirt off people’s feet when they enter. The more steps you take on the carpet, the more filth stays on the carpet.Mat & Carpet

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a trendy way to amplify your balcony, roofs as it is considered comfortable and stylish. Numerous people treat their balcony like a cute little garden. It is now a trend that most people transform their balcony look with an artificial grass. Artificial grass has a great advantage when it comes to sustainability. The high-grade grass will have no impact on the other decoration. RD Trend artificial grass is waterproof and frost resistant. RD Trend grass is not only sustainable, it is also flexible. It is perforated to balance the level of humidity. You don’t need to worry about size because we provide tons of sizes and customization also available so that you don’t have to deal with difficulties while choosing for your balcony or any other zone. The RD Trend artificial turf is also practical for those who have a pet in their home. They can enjoy a completely secure surface for playing and enjoy easy maintenance and higher benefits.

RD Trend is a well-known brand for selling the home furnishing products in India at a very affordable prices. As we are the manufacturers so we don’t have an intermediary person. Buying the product from retailer costs so high as compared to the manufacturer. As now customer demands on every product is of classy style, goes with interior, perfect size,variety in colors and designs specially superior-quality. RD Trend follows all things and try to give the best service and products. We make mats, rugs, artificial grass, carpets that definitely matches your demanding list and they are so easy to wash and take care of. Our main motive is to make the customers happy and satisfying by giving the products as per their requirements. We are always available to solve customer queries also. So , why waiting. Place an order from RD Trend online store and avail the best benefits.

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