Goa is one of most visited place in India, which is mainly well-known for its beaches, nightlife, Casinos, flea markets etc. It is popularly known as the “ the diamond of the east”. the principal attractions are the sun, the sand and the sea. Goa is a perfect paradise for those who want to relax and take full advantage of life. Goa is one of the special locations of India, a state apparently blessed with fabulous time.
Farming is one of Goa’s principal economic activities.

Nevri also known by the name of Karanji is a popular dish prepared in Goa mainly during Diwali and Ganesha Chaturthi.

Goa residents are like their famous nuts. This dry fruit is the favourite of all . Tell me about your favorite dry fruit? Almond? No… Cashew? Yes, people are like very sweet cashews and everybody’s favorite in terms of their nature.

Everyone state has different costume. In Goa the traditional Kashti outfit worn by the Dhangar, Gauda, Kunbi and Zalmi tribes as well as Kunbi palloo or knot and saree. The Goa Carnival is very popular for the colourful display of dresses that it highlights. Palloo (पल्लू) in an earlier epoch essentially describes to do in the front of the elders to show some respect. People in Goa love to decorate their homes with Home Furnishing Products.

Dhalo is a popular form of traditional Goa ritual dance same like Punjab’s famous ritual dance is Bhangra and Gidda.

RD Trend Home Furnishing Products In Goa

Our company is RD Trend, a manufacturer of Home Furnishing Products in Goa.

Deu boro dis dium, आशा आसा तुमी सगळे बरे आसात (Good Morning, Hope you all are good). We are the well-known brand which supplies Home Furnishing Products such as bed sheets, mats, towels, comforters, mattress protector, cushions etc. Our motive is to supply the superior quality products at budget-friendly prices.

Our popular Home Furnishing products in Goa that are beloved by the people are:-


In Goa people enjoy decorating and maintaining the classical tradition very well. Even in clothes, they prefer classical patterns, floral prints to make their lives as happy and bright as flowers. They decorate their home in the traditional manner. They use the best aesthetically pleasing cushion to improve the beauty of their lives. The pillows not only help to decorate the living, but also useful for the severe pain as well as for study. People use a pillow underneath their laptop and notebook to do the work. You can play games like cushion passing and cushion fighting using pillows. RD Trend delivers the best cushion and covers in various sizes but the quality in all sizes are superior and touch and look is on next level and blooming that add colors and shine in the house.
To add that colors and brightness place an order of cushions at RD Trend online store and take advantage of discounts on prepaid orders plus free shipping at your home without going anywhere.


RD Trend is the largest manufacturer of different collections of attractive bedsheets and Home Furnishing Products. We offer high-quality bed sheets online with tons of patterns and sizes. You can buy flat, elastic-fitted, king size, queen size, divan set in fabrics like cotton, glace cotton, silk, flannel, microfibre custom bedsheets and more.

Our bedsheets give an elegant look and improve sleep in addition the quality is so high-end that after each wash the colors will light up and the fabric will not get shrink and dull.

The most popular RD Trend category in Bedsheet are:

Glace Cotton Bedsheets

RD Trend Glace Cotton Bedsheets in Goa are made from high quality cotton which makes them so soft, delicate and sustainable. The cotton used in glace cotton bedsheets is of superior quality that comes from the best cotton production so that there is no compromise in the quality of bed sheets. There is so much dampness in the atmosphere in Goa that people love everything that feels so fresh and relaxing.
Not every time it is possible to go to the beaches and take advantage of the water and feel cool, so they use glace cotton bed sheets in order to feel relaxed, sleep well and feel fresh.

The glace cotton bedsheets are available in various sizes from king to queen, single to double bed as per your requirements and those have customize bed can also order from our website.
Whether you are searching for simple colors or vibrant colors, elegant classy designs to modern ones, RD Trend In India takes everyone choices keeping in mind the satisfaction of customers. You can find everything in a store from high quality to various designs, patterns and colors in addition to better customer service, live images of the products display on the website etc at RD Trend store online.

100-waterproof-microfiber-quilted-double-bed-size-mattress-protector-pinkMattress Protector

In Goa usually there is warm and damp weather. On damp days, the body sweats a lot. This perspiration ends up coming to bed sheets which consequently also effect the mattress. In this case, a high quality mattress protector ensures that the mattress is maintained. The impermeable protector prevents perspiration and particles from entering the mattress. Good quality mattress protection helps in providing protection to the bed sheets also. It also helps to secure the mattress protector from routional accidents such as spillage of water, food, etc. As people come from the beaches and parties. The high-grade mattress protector does not allow bacteria to fit in the mattress and protects health by maintaining hygiene.

RD Trend delivers best waterproof mattress protector in order to make your work easy. You don’t need to trade off everything related to this. RD Trend also works on superior quality at a very reasonable cost. Our mattress protector are machine washable and long-term investments.

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