Punjab stands for the land of five streams. The presence of five rivers is why the soil in Punjab is suitable for growing wheat, and therefore, it is also called the Indian Wheat Bowl (भारतीय गेहूं का कटोरा )

Punjabi is the official language, closely related to Hindi.

The traditional dress for men in Punjab is ‘Punjabi Kurta’ and ‘Tehmat’,  which is replaced by kurta and pajamas in modern Punjab, for females is the Salwar Suit which replaced the traditional Ghagra . The most famous of Punjabi’s traditional crafts is phullkari.

Panjiri is one of the most popular Punjabi sweets that is made in winter specifically to protect you from the cold and make your bones strong. Farming is the backbone of Punjab’s economy. The state provides 80% of the wheat and 43% of the rice to the national treasury. Famous food Mah Ki Dal, Sarson Ka Saag te makki ki roti, and stuffed paratha are not to be found in any state other than Punjab.

Likewise, RD Trend bedsheets in Punjab are the favorites of all in Punjab due to its eye-catching designs and colors additional to the top quality material. One can buy bedsheets online from RD Trend at a best price.

RD Trend Bedsheets In Punjab

As we are all aware, the weather in Punjab is extremely warm and extremely cold. To survive in these conditions, good quality clothing is required to protect them from the weather. Likewise, linens also play an important role in the maintenance of your room temperature. Superior quality bedsheets let you feel warm during the winters just as cool during the summers. Not only that, they also help in keeping your body safe from pathogens. RD Trend are the largest manufacturers in India which deals with Home Furnishing  Products. Especially the RD Trend sheets are well known in Punjab. The bed sheets are of high quality, different colour, designs and patterns according to the requirement of choice of everyone. Types of bedsheets in Punjab RD Trend delivers are:


Diwan Set

Glace Cotton

Fitted bed sheets

Flannel Bedsheet

Winter Warm King Size Flat Double Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Grey)RD Trend Flannel Bedsheets

Winter bedsheets in Punjab includes wool, flannel and so on. During this season, cold weather comes with delicious paratha, food, etc, but disrupts your night cycle and cause you to irritate the next day. Choosing the right warm bedsheet for winter is a difficult task and in winter people get the cough cold very quickly especially kids. Long night sleep, relaxation , happy mood all depends on bedding.  To help you realize all this tendency RD comes with warm bed sheets for the winter season. to give you a healthy  sleep that also preserves your health, your mood and so on.

To keep your body warm and comfortable throughout the season, it is necessary to think of the good sheet which is not just top quality but also have the capacity to conserve warmth. As after coming from stressful workplace day we want a comfortable bed to feel relaxed. The flannel bed sheet is also made of cotton, but is extra plush because of the fabrication. They are cosy, warm and perfect for winter.

RD Trend winter bedsheets in Punjab are available in different sizes like double, single, customization option too.

Categories of Winter Bedsheet

Winter Single Bedsheet

Winter Double Bedsheet

Elastic Fitted Winter Bedsheet

RD Trend Cotton Bedsheet

Climatic conditions in the summertime in Punjab is so hot. Everyone at this climatic condition wants to feel cool and fresh. We need anything that’s soft and comfortable. The RD Trend cotton bed sheets are so durable that they also offer a tons of benefits for a better night’s sleep. These cotton bedsheets allow your skin to breathe especially during summer. Cotton is a naturally

occurring, light and breathable material. RD Trend cotton bed sheets will absorb heat from your body, helping you to stay cool and dry during your sleep. Good cotton bedsheets with unique vibrant motifs changes your bad mood in a second and makes you feel happy. Cotton sheets also help you to save money as it is long term investment. But considering the life span of your

bedding, it’s always best to choose a sustainable product.  RD Trend products are a long-term investment due to its quality and patterns. RD Trend manufactures high quality anti-allergic bedsheets keeping in mind the health of each.

At RD Trend, we make the highest quality bedsheets in Punjab with bright colors and patterns, thinking of the every generation’s demands.

Benefit Of Shopping With RD Trend In Punjab

If you are looking for premium, comfortable elegant bedsheets in Punjab,

You can blindly put your faith in RD Trend. Our products are made from the finest materials, designed to make you comfortable and happy. Go to our RD Trend online store and enjoy the benefits ofhappy  bedding.

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