Panipat is a small town that falls in the state of Haryana and now one can buy Home Furnishing Products In Panipat. Panipat is a small city to say but, those who do not really know about Panipat will know some special things about Panipat in this paragraph today. We will share some famous works done by the people of Panipat city which makes it different from other cities and makes it a big popular respectable city. Panipat city has less population as compared to other popular cities like Delhi and Bangalore but if I talk about the popularity of Panipat then it is famous all over the world. The people living in Panipat city are really hardworking and because of them, Panipat is famous not only in India but also in other countries. Let’s know the work which is done by the people of Panipat and makes Panipat city famous not only in India but also in other countries. First of all, we will talk about that very special exotic thing whose name makes one’s mouth water. And that is pickles, yes Panipat is famous for making pickles. One can google the famous pickles in India, you will find only the “Pacharanga pickles” made by the people of Panipat after searching on Google. “Pacharanga Pickles” are famous for their quality and are made with pure ingredients. Panipat is a famous city because the people living here, have both good Aachar and Vichar (morals and thought). The second thing which is famous not only in India but in all other countries, whose demand is more in countries other than India. And that export fabric, yes Panipat is famous for the export of textile items like blankets, bedsheets, mats, carpets, etc. One can google, the famous blanket in India, and you will again get the name of the city of Panipat. The reason behind Panipat being famous is that the people living here believe only in making the stuff real and pure. Panipat is giving a big hand in increasing India’s treasury due to export business. The third famous thing that even a school-going child in India knows is the “Three Battles of Panipat”. The First Battle of Panipat (1526) was fought between the Timurids under Babur and Ibrahim Lodi. The Second Battle of Panipat (1556), was fought between Emperor Hemchandra Vikramaditya and the Mughals under Akbar. The Third Battle of Panipat (1761), was fought between the Maratha Empire and the Durrani Empire under the Afghan king Ahmed Shah Abdali. These three battles were fought in Panipat, about which the whole world knows.


So far we talked about Panipat’s famous things but we haven’t introduced ourselves yet. We are RD Trend manufactures home decoration items. We are from Panipat, We are well known as RD Trend” a Manufacturer of Home Furnishing Products in Panipat. RD Trend’s “Textile Business” is also famous like other famous things of Panipat which we have talked about in the first paragraph.  Our brand name “RD Trend” is famous all over the world. Yes, nowadays we are also in trend. Our most popular Home Furnishing Products are bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers, mats, carpets, comforters, towels, and mattress protectors.

RD Trend Manufacturer Of Home Furnishing Products In Panipat

As we have mentioned why the pickle and textile business of Panipat is famous all over the world, and the same principle holds for our home furnishing products business. And we distribute all our home furnishing items to the people living in and outside Panipat. We (RD Trend) make bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers, mats, carpets, and many more fabric items. All our home furnishing items are famous all over India as we give quality, purity, and originality to our products. Giving people original quality products helps us to win their trust. People who trust “RD Trend” help us to grow our business on daily basis. To check this our fabric items are famous in India, one can search our name “RD Trend” on Google and visit our website to see what our customers say about our products. Not only this, if you search our name RD Trend on youtube, you will find that people have uploaded videos with our product and are praising the quality of our product by taking our brand name “RD Trend”.

Let’s Explore Some of RD Trend’s Most Popular Home Furnishing Products In Panipat

Note: RD Trend makes all products with good quality material fabric. From here, before sending any product to the customer, the strength and quality of each product are checked by our experts inside our laboratory.

Glace Cotton Double Flat Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Red)Luxurious Bedsheets

RD Trend manufactures luxurious designer bedsheets in India and sells them online directly to customers through the website “”. There is no middleman, no hidden charges we make and sell. Our bedsheet prices are low compared to other websites, all product prices are affordable. We make bedsheets single, double, fitted, winter flannel, divan sets, cotton, and much more. All sizes of bed sheets are available on our website such as small, and king, or one can call us anytime for custom size bed sheets as and when required. In bedsheets, we have available all the latest patterns like flat, linen sheet, glace, herringbone, animal print, cartoon, geometric, peacock, marble floral, solid, checkered, paisley, camouflage, striped, Plaid, Chevron, Sateen Sheet, etc in a different color. We provide bedsheets with cushion covers and without cushion covers also, both options are available on the website, if you choose without a pillow it costs less.

Designer Curtains

One can buy designer curtains online in India in all sizes from RD Trends. We offer 5 feet curtains, 7 feet curtains, 9 feet curtains, Also if customers want a custom size we also provide it, one can call us any time. We have curtains by all kinds of designers, in different patterns and colors. Curtains of different types and sizes can be obtained from RD Trend with the best quality material. RD Trend is a well-known brand in India that gives all types of curtains online.

Why One Should Choose To Buy Home Furnishing Products In Panipat From RD Trend

As we have mentioned in our first paragraph (in the beginning) about Panipat and why this city is famous, the same principle is to RD Trend. As we are residents of Panipat we believe in giving quality, originality, and purity in our products. These are the things that can take any business forward and make it famous and we follow them all. Shop home furnishing products in Panipat at RD Trend We ensure that we will provide you with quality products and we will not break your trust.

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