RD Trend About Us – RD Trend was established by Vinod Kumar, a company with a long and rich record in Home Furnishing items. The multifaceted Business Association has more than 10 years of producing and distributing expertise in the home décor industry. RD Trend is steadfast in its objective to educate its customers and provide what is really excellent for them over the foreseeable future and chooses to believe in financially viable home furnishing products and bedding brands.

We help consumers quickly scan through it and identify the best-elevated goods for regular use and additional personal preferences. No matter which individual’s attempt, utilize, buyback, or substitute, customers can feel secure knowing that our specialists will handle the testing hardship and rigorous verifications

What We Do?

RD Trend works with a mission to provide mind-boggling Home Decor and bedding products all over the world. Our team of experts lists clean and non-toxic brands so that consumers can check out amazing products from any category they need. Unquestionably, intelligence comes from expertise, and we ought to understand that man-made alternatives don’t really meet our body’s natural needs. We carefully choose product lines that are advantageous to the environment. As well as for you by making sure they are impactful, moral, and cruelty-free. Our goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable about the products you choose.

We are mindful of just how we describe Home decor, home furnishing, and bedding brands as a business and we make quite certain that they are founded on the principles of environmental responsibility and hygiene. The emphasis of RD Trend is on goods that are produced without sacrificing either reliability or effectiveness.

Practices We Follow As A Brand

Our team of experts handling the business and website follow some safe practices to ensure regular delivery of products.

No compromise on quality

We ought to sell you products that are high in quality and helps you in some way or the other. Our promise is to keep you updated with the best quality products at prices that are easy on your pockets.

Ethical Brands

By ethical brands, RD Trend signifies that all the brands listed on our website produce products through ethical practices. About us, from home decor preferences to bedding and comforter needs, we have everything you need. To make absolutely sure that each and every step of the procurement and production processes for each product line we work with is morally correct, viable, and achieved through balanced trade whenever feasible. Also, we closely review the certifications and assets of every brand before we accept them. To guarantee that you receive the highest-quality and most genuine goods, every product is purchased straightforwardly from the label.

Fast Shipping

“RD Trend” strives to offer fast and sometimes free shipping for all of our products. Our team works hard to deliver your product in 3-5 business days depending on the location.

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