Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal in India. Earlier Kolkata was called Calcutta. It is the primary business, commercial and financial center of eastern India and the main port of communication for north-east India. It is 80 km west of the Bangladesh border on the east bank of the Hooghly River. Rabindranath Tagore, the great litterateur who resides in the heart of every Indian, was also born on the holy land of Kolkata. Rabindranath Tagore was the first non-European writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. His poetic lyrics were seen as spiritual and soulful.

Kolkata is a city of colonial museums, architecture art galleries, temples, traditional food, theatre and music. Kolkata is known worldwide for its fine items like conch shell bangles, sarees, cotton bedsheets, terracotta items, dokra crafts, darjeeling tea, kalighat paintings etc. No matter how much we say about the merits of Kolkata, it is less. RD Trend bedsheets are loved by Kolkatans too. RD Trend is a well-known brand of bed sheets that has made a place not only in the homes of the people of Kolkata but also in the hearts of many. RD Trend is a manufacturer and offers the latest designs of bedsheets in Kolkata. The people of Kolkata have such a huge collection of RD trends bed sheets that they can now give a new look to their room everyday using RD trends latest colourful bed sheets. There is no doubt that Kolkatans love RD Trend bedsheets and wait for lunch for their latest colour so that they can make that new colour bedsheet a part of their home as soon as possible.

New Designs Bedsheets In Kolkata

RD Trend is the biggest manufacturer in India and makes all new design bedsheets in Kolkata in different patterns and colors. RD Trend has all fabric bed sheets such as cotton, glace cotton, flannel, fleece, etc. Here one can get all size bed sheets like single, double, king, queen to make their bedroom luxurious. RD Trends also offers 300 TC 100% cotton printed diwan bedsheets (set of 8 pieces) including 1 bedsheet, 5 cushion covers and 2 bolster covers. RD Trend has all the latest designs of diwan sets that you can order from RD Trend’s online store, and get home delivery in no time. 

Buy Online Bedsheets In Kolkata

One can buy online flat and fitted bedsheets in Kolkata in single and double both sizes. RD Trend manufacturers flat and fitted bedsheets in sizes smallest to largest. One can quadruple the beauty of their home by using RD Trend’s flat and fitted bedsheets. You can find flat and fitted bedsheets online in any fabric from RD Trend. You can find a wide range of new colors, patterns and designs for flat and fitted bed sheets at RD Trend’s online store. You can find so many options of flat and fitted bed sheets at RD Trend’s online store at affordable prices that you just can’t stop yourself from buying them.

Pure Cotton Single Flat Bed Sheet With 1 Pillow Cover (Grey)Buy Single Bedsheets In Kolkata Online

As we told you earlier that RD Trend manufactures all types of bedsheets, RD Trend has a huge catalogue of single bedsheet designs that you can buy in different fabrics at RD Trend online store. Fabric Now you don’t need to visit many different stores as RD Trend is India’s largest online store where you get all types of fabric bed sheets at one stop. Single bedsheets fabrics at RD Trend such as cotton, glace cotton, flannel, fleece, bamboo, silk. Etc. Single bedsheets by RD Trends make the bed stylish yet comfortable.

RD Trend single bedsheet is better than other options because of its smoothness and breathable nature. The material single bed sheet provided by RD Trend is ideal for summers as well as winters as they are easy to wash.

Buy Double Bedsheets Online In Kolkata

At RD Trend’s online store, you can find RD Trend’s double bedsheet print updated daily. The demand for RD Trend’s double bed size bedsheets is so high in Kolkata that RD’s artisans are engaged in making double size bed sheets at RD Trend’s warehouse in both day and night shifts. The way rud trend single bedsheet meets the demand of all fabrics in the same way, you can buy double bed size bedsheet from RD Trend in any fabric.

The biggest difference between RD Trend brand double bedsheets and other brands double bedsheets is the quality. RD Trend offers you the best quality double bed size bed sheets that you cannot find anywhere else. You get a sound sleep when you use RD Trend’s double size bed sheet, as a result of which it helps you to increase your productivity at your workplace.

Why People Use RD Trend’s Brand Bedsheets In Kolkata

  1. Fabric and material of the bed sheets used by RD Trend are best
  2. There are so many options available in the designs and patterns of RD Trend’s bedsheets
  3. RD trend bed sheets do not shrink after washing, their quality remains the same
  4. Our  Bed sheets provide a luxurious feel and are soft and comfortable
  5. RD Trend bedsheets are enduring, cost effective, light weight and provide ideal sleep
  6. RD Trend bedsheets are are long lasting bed sheets and stylish
  7. Our bed sheets give a modern and contemporary look to your bed
  8. Different colours of elastic bed sheets are available that match easily with the colour of your bedroom walls.
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