RD Trend provides the best quality home furnishing products online in India. RD Trends distributes its products extensively across India. RD Trend thoroughly quality checks any product before dispatch. But still if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product shipped by us, you can avail the return, exchange and refund policy of RD Trend. One can buy home furnishing products online in India from RD Trend such as bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers, comforters, mats, carpets, towels, etc. 

How It Works

Customer service plays a vital role in the growth of any online business. Customer service occurs when a customer raises questions about a company’s offering, provides feedback, and the most importantly when the product does not meet the customer’s expectations. In that case RD Trend provides return, exchange, and refund all three options for the customers. Here we are going to describe the same thing which includes queries regarding the product received by the customer. We have described some of those queries below.  

Different Colour Product

As we mentioned earlier, every product is check RD Trend team before shipping, by chance you may not receive the product in the same colour that you ordered at RD TREND online store, RD TREND absolutely does not want any customer to received the product of wrong colour but if unknowingly customer receives the product of wrong colour then he/she can get the exchange for the same

Different Product

If the customer receives a different product, the same principle applies here as we mentioned in different colours, for example you ordered a bed sheet and you got a curtain, or you ordered a cushion cover and you got a comforter, but here we will talk about the benefits for the customer. If the product received by the customer is higher than the price of the product ordered and the customer also likes the product, the customer can keep the product and need not pay the difference price. 

Defective Product

If the products are cut, torn, dirty, smelly and of poor quality, you can get a full refund. RD Trend strives to provide best customer service to its clients and RD Trend expects each and every customer to bring us only their genuine query. People who call RD Trends customer service just to pass the time (fake queries) will not be entertained by RD Trends customer service. 

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

RD Trend wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous life. While taking the product from the delivery boy, we all should take care of some important things, they are as follows.

  1. Check the product carefully, is the packing of the product correct? is the packing not open or torn at any place? If the packing is good (well packed) then you can take the product from Delivery boy, But if the packing of the product is not good then you may refuse to receive it. 
  2. Do not let the delivery boy come inside the house, try to collect the packet by going outside the door itself.
  3. If you have ordered the product in cash on delivery, then check the price once on the label which has come on the packaging of the product. Make sure you get your dues back from the delivery boy, if anything is pending.
  4. After receiving the product from the delivery boy, please sanitize it once to help you maintain your safety.
  5. While opening the packet, take a photo of the product and also make a video, so that the proof can be given when asked by the customer care.

How Long Will This Whole Process Take

Exchanges, returns and refunds are all processes that are likely to take time. 

Return Time – If you place a return request, it may take 2 hours to 48 hours for the courier partner to pick up the product from your address. 

Exchange Time – Product exchange may take a minimum 5 to 7 days. Firstly, the product returned by you is examined by the RD Trend team and then your exchange is processed if the product is received by the RD Trend team in the same condition as it was dispatched. 

Refund Time – If we compare it with the time of exchange then the possession period of refund may be slightly longer. Firstly, the product returned by you is examined by the RD Trend team and your refund is processed if the product is received by the RD Trend team in the same condition as it was dispatched. 

Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay Time

If your returned product has been inspected and passed the quality check, you will be refunded the amount you paid for the product within 2 to 24 hours. Within 1 day if you paid for the product with Google Pay, Phone Pay, or Paytm. 

Bank Transfer/Net Banking

After checking the product, the amount you paid for the product will be refunded within 24 hours by the RD Trend customer Team. Money transfer time period varies from bank to bank. It may take at least 2 to 7 days for the money to be credited back to your account.


  • What Is The Time Period For Placing A Return, Exchange And Refund?

Maximum 7 days, one can raise the request to our customer support team within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product by the customer. The request will be accepted if it is within the time period for returns, exchanges and refunds. Returns, exchanges and refunds request will not be accepted after timeout.

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