How To Avoid Covid-19 And Stay Fit-Healthy In Any Season
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How To Avoid Covid-19 And Stay Fit-Healthy In Any Season

We all know that in today’s era, we are not eating good food daily. Also if somehow we manage good food but along with food, we are also getting badly polluted air on daily basis. Now you will say this, we also know this. Yes, this is a universal truth. And it’s never going to change, so much so that in the days and years to come, more pollution will spread, and our chances of getting sick will increase even more. Is the government the reason for increasing pollution? The government wants the progress of the country and the corrupt government wants both money and progress. Today’s date everyone is running after money, and the government is also one of us, the government also wants what we all want, whether it is by cutting forests and mountains and building complexes or roads to earn money. There is no fault of the government in this, not even an iota. As I told you earlier also the government is doing what we want. The government is doing this because we need facilities, our children need facilities. So that means we’re all responsible. After so many years of independence, even after so much progress in the country, if one thing has not changed, then it is our thinking. Even today people fight in the name of religion and give birth to so many children that you don’t even ask. We Indians still think like this. The increasing population is the biggest reason for increasing pollution. And increasing pollution is the biggest reason for spoiling our health. Increasing pollution can also be one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of covid-19 in our country. Until we stop pollution, such viruses kept coming again and again in India. Have you ever wondered why the virus escapes from the lockdown? because the country stops working. Indians work for their children. This is a unique and heart-touching thing that is inside every Indian whether Hindu or Muslim. And it is our culture that differentiates us from other countries. We should change our thinking and should not give birth to more children. Changing the slogan of (बच्चे दो ही अच्छे) for today’s era (बच्चा एक ही अच्छा). Treat a boy and a girl alike. Population control will automatically control pollution and everyone will remain healthy. No evil force can stop us from moving forward to a country where everyone is healthy.

What We Should Do To Stay Healthy And Avoid Covid-19

  1. The first and foremost thing is to wear a mask, which helps to protect us from pollution and other virus-like covid-19
  2. Follow your Indian tradition instead of handshake my both hands folded “namaste“, If today’s youth finds the Indian Namaste to be the old version, they can wave one hand in the air and greet their family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues. Jokes apart, please strictly follow Indian tradition while greeting others
  3. Try to stay away from crowded places as much as possible
  4. Give your body at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for daily exercise. Do gym or yoga daily
  5. Eat boiled food
  6. Don’t eat junk food
  7. Keep your sleeping place clean, and use good quality neat and clean bedsheets on your bed

RD TrendWho We Are?

We are RD Trend a manufacturer company of Home Furnishing Items.  We are also residents of India and following the Indian tradition of “Namaste“, we greet all the people living in India with folded hands. “RD Trend” wishes good health to everyone living in India. We provide genuine and original materials for home furnishing products. Our most popular products are bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers, mats, carpets, comforters, towels, etc.


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